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Standards and Transparency

Trust is a vital resource. We work together with all leading certifiers of organic and sustainable tea worldwide. We provide you with all certificates and relevant information, hyperlinked or available for download.

Certificates as download or further link:

Fairtrade USA

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, shoppers, advocates, and organizations putting people and planet first.


Bio EU

Introduced in 2010, the EU organic logo certifies all organic food produced in compliance with European standards. Imports from outside the European Union may wear the label, too, benefitting from its good reputation with the general public.



Bio Suisse is the prevalent organic label in Switzerland. Its standards are high. Allowed are neither genetic modifications nor plant protection chemicals nor chemical fertilizers. Synthetic flavors and coloring agents are also barred. Ascertained by two independent institutions, which also examine the fairness of working conditions and guarantee that no cargo has been transported by air.

NOP Zertifikat


The National Organic Program is the US standard for organic food. It includes farming regulations as well as packaging and labeling regulations, where organic products are concerned. A manual lists all synthetic and natural substances that under no circumstances can be used in the production of organic food.

SGS Institut Fresenius

International Featured Standard

International Feature Standards certifies imports from trustable sources. From broker to agent to importer: all measures pertaining to service quality are thoroughly audited along the entire trade chain.



The Fairtrade Labeling Organization certifies producers and traders who conform to its fair trade guidelines, chief among them the payment of higher trade prices in order to pay out guaranteed premiums to farmers. Here as well, independent auditors assure compliance with Fairtrade’s standards.

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is focused on environmental protection, including climate protection, and humane working conditions. For sustainability has a social, an economic, and an ecological dimension. As is the case with other comparable certifiers, Rainforest Alliance carefully audits agricultural operations. From 2021 on, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ together will set new shared standards.



Our products are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. This means that our teas conform to customs of food preparation in Jewish communities. Religious practitioners are allowed to consum them without hesitation.

Naturland Certificate


Naturland is a non-profit organization that promotes organic farming and fair trade worldwide.
Naturland is a seal. The Naturland logo may only be carried by foodstuffs whose production fulfils Naturland's strict organic and social guidelines.
The Naturland logo always stands for organic farming AND social responsibility.



FairBioTea is a private sector initiative focused on the development of healthy and sustainable, fair and ecological tea production operations and tea industry. Certified products are in compliance not only with EU organic regulations. Their cultivation also encompasses land use and nutrient cycles that, in the long term, will help preserve soil fertility.