Quality control

We stand for quality at all stages of production; from sourcing, through to processing and delivery at point of sale.

As both tea importers and wholesalers, we hold great responsibility towards our direct and indirect customers. In order to meet the high industry requirements we set ourselves, we trade according to international certified standards (International Food Standard (IFS), HACCP, etc.) and have committed ourselves to the code of conduct established by The German Tea Association www.teeverband.de.

In a nutshell, this means:

  • working in close relationship with our partners in the producing countries;
  • ongoing and continued quality control of raw material and ingredients, including sensory inspection (of taste, smell, colour and appearance);
  • analytical scans of raw material undertaken by accredited laboratories certified by the IFS (since 2003) and HACCP (Lebensmittel-Hygieneverordnung);
  • annual internal and external audits;
  • traceability of all produce to its point of origin;
  • selected use of carefully chosen flavours and constituent ingredients.

Certificates available for download: